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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Talabheim: Talabheim is located roughly in the centre of the Great Forest, and this quirk of geography has earned it the name "Eye of the Forest." The city itself is unusual, for its is built in the centre of some ancient crater, which provides the city with a natural curtain wall. The Talabec River flows around the crater, coming close to the crags and cliffs at its edge. Where the river flows closest, a small town and harbour have been built, named Talagaad. From Talagaad a narrow road climbs the cliffs to a fortress which guards the outermost gate of the so-called Wizard's Way.

The Way is a tunnel, supposedly crafted by magic many years ago, a half-mile in length and broad enough for two wagons to pass abreast without danger. It bores through the rock of the crater's edge to emerge on the far side. A gatehouse is built at either end, completing the city defences. The bowl of the crater is wide and flat, providing Talabheim with fertile pasture and croplands, which feed the city and provide it with valuable exports.

After the death of Magnus the Pious, Leopold of Stirland took the Imperial Crown. His grandson, Dieter, conspired with the burgomeisters of Marienburg, in a plot which secured MarienburgÂ’s independence from the Empire. Dieter, then Emperor Dieter IV, received huge payments in gold from the Marienburgers in exchange for his collusion. This caused a great disgrace when the plot was revealed, and Dieter fled to Talabheim after being deposed by the Electors. He was succeeded by Wilhelm III of Altdorf.

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