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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Luccini: The most southern of the Tilean city-states still on the mainland, Luccini occupies the southern plains of Tilea, a fertile land famous for providing fine breeding ground for horses and rolling fields of grain.

Luccini is built at least partly atop the ruins of an unnamed Elven sea-port, whose ruins date from the time before the Elf-Dwarf Wars. The ruins draw treasure-hunters and adventurers like moths to a candle, and every so often, some brave soul will find hitherto unknown caches of wealth and ancient elven artifacts. This benefits only a few, however, and the populace of Luccini generally fear the haunted ruins; where strange lights can be seen and unearthly calls heard, the wind carrying frenzied laughter on a clear night. Like most ruins, those at Luccini have become havens for human brigands and other, less savoury renegades.

Luccini is a walled city, like most of the Tilean cities, but its walls afford it an extra measure of protection against the things which lurk in the ruins. Many of the citizens of Luccini call for the ruins to be cleared, but they are vast, stretching beyond the capacity of the local military to sweep successfully.

Luccini is the site of the Old World's greatest Temple of Morr, God of the Dead. It serves as the site for the Cult of Morr's greatest Convocation, when all the priests of Morr gather to discuss the Cult's doings, plans and fortunes. The Convocation occurs every 10 years.

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