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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Sartosa: The Old Worlders of Bretonnia and the Empire often say that all Tileans are pirates and smugglers. Whilst many Tilean captains do indeed employ sharp business practice, this accusation is only literally true of the Sartosans, and it is they who have done most to cement the reputation of their countrymen as pirates. The Isle of Sartosa lies of the southern tip of Tilea, seperated from the mainland by the narrow and treacherous strait known as the Pirate's Current. The island has further natural defences in the form of the Skull Sands, a shifting sand-bank which lies over the only approach to Sartosa on the southern side of the island. Even pirates who make regular landfall at Sartosa fall foul of the unmappable channels, and their vessels become fair salvage for all under Pirate Law. This makes Skull Sands a battle-ground as rivals crews compete for salvage and the foundered crew struggle to leave with as much of their ill-gotten gains as possible. The wrecks in amongst the sands merely increase the danger of navigating the straits.

Unlike Brionne, which is a city that shelters and accepts pirates who pay the right bribes, Sartosa is ruled by pirates. Bizarrely, this often makes it more efficient than other Old World cities. Pirate Law knows only one type of punishment: harsh, and these are administered swiftly and brutally. Disputes between captains are settled by the Master of Sartosa - a pirate 'king' elected annually out of the captains of Sartosa. For this, Sartosa is known as the Pirate City. Ships of all sizes anchor here, bringing plundered goods of unrivalled variety - gold from Lustria, silks and spices from Araby and fine wines stolen from Bretonnian ships. The wealth of this plunder has built imposing walls and mighty siege engines to protect Sartosa's denizens from the wrath of those nations whose shipping they prey upon.

Source: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 1st Edition by

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