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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Moussillon: A Bretonnian city of ill-omen and dire reputation. In 2306 (IC), Moussillon was ravaged by a virulent strain of the Red Pox, and its population was decimated. It never recovered from this disaster, and a series of earthquakes in 2456 did nothing to aid Moussillon's fortunes. It is renowned as Breonnia's poorest and filthiest city. It has a long association with necromancy, thanks to the ranks of cemeteries and tombs which hold the hundreds dead from the Pox, the poorly paid wardens of which frequently sell to medical students and other, less savoury scholars. It has been speculated that Moussillon's wells are poisoned by warpstone, since there is a higher incidence of mutation amongst the populace than elsewhere in Bretonnia.

Part of this unhealthy reputation stems from the events of Geheimnisnacht 2306, when the Duc de Moussillon held a splendid Masked Ball. Jean Luc de Moussillon's plan was to conduct festivities until the Pox ended. To this end, he gathered all the noble families of the area to his chateau, and hoarded all available food and liquor in Moussillon. He sealed the doors of his chateau to keep the plague-ridden citizenry from interrupting his festivities.

It is said the he vowed to cheat death, and to some extent he succeeded. At the height of festivities on Geheimnisnacht, a masked figure appeared in the castle, clad in a black and red robe, bearing a great scythe. The Duke ordered him removed, but as soon as guards seized the stranger, they were struck down the Red Pox.

The following morning, the Duke and his guests were found dead of the Pox. Legend holds that, every Geheimnisnacht, a phantom orchestra plays hwile the re-animated corpses of Jean-Luc and his guests re-enact their final night.

Source: Warhammer Armies: Undead, 4th Edition by various

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