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Emperor's Tarot

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Emperor's Tarot: A pack of seventy-eight liquid crystal wafers that are linked to the thoughts of the Emperor.

In much the same way as he sifts through the tides of fate, so the cards of the Tarot are psychically imbued to do the same, identifying the beginnings of events in the universe.

Reading the Tarot: The card of the Tarot Reader is placed in the center with five cards placed and revealed around it, while a prayer to the Emperor is said. The cards and their position then prodict the future events and possibilites. A full corona pattern can also be played and laid out, but this can leave the reader with so much information as to provide nothing specific.

The tarot cards include Major Arcana plus two suits - Discordia and Mandation. The known cards are:

Source: Draco by Ian Watson

Submitter: IBBoard