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World Eaters

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

World Eaters: Homeworld: Unknown
Battlecry: "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!"
Colours: Red and Brass
Primarch: Angron

The World Eaters Space Marine Legion were the 12th Legion of the First Founding. Their Primarch, Angron, was re-discovered by the Emperor on a primitive world whose name is lost to posterity. They were amongst the first Legions to be corrupted by Horus during the early days of the Heresy.

Even before the Heresy, the Legion were known for their ferocity and mercilessness in warfare. Angron, a gladiator-slave on his former world, developed a series of neural implants that removed a warrior's fear and put them into a savage frenzy in combat. The World Eaters where at the vanguard of many brutal assaults, often breaching the walls of indfensible fortresses through sheer ferocity.

When the Emperor discovered the surgery being carried out at Angron's orders, he censured the Legion and forbade further experiments. Angron, of course, made public obeisance but continued his work in secret. The World Eaters enhanced berserkers were highly successful, and served at the vanguard of the Great Crusade until the Cleansing of Ariggata. Ariggata had refused the Emperor's call to rejoin the Imperium and was besieged by Horus, Angron and the Ultramarines. Horus used the Word Eaters to great effect, and they took the planet city by city, culminating in day and night of slaughter within the walls of the capital. It was shortly after this that Angron and his legion turned to Chaos.

The Legions' warrior code and frenzied fighting style brought them close to Khorne, the Chaos god of blood and war. The Legion hunted down each and every one of their own Librarians as part of their pact with the Blood God. The World Eaters fought at Istvaan III and were the first Traitor Legion on the ground at the Eternity Wall space-port during the Siege of Terra and were the first to breach the wall around the Emperor's Palace.

After the Horus Heresy, the World Eaters fled into the Warp. Unlike the other Traitor Legions, the World Eaters have no homeworld, no daemon-palace to call their own. Upon the daemon-world of Skalathrax, the Legion fell to fighting amongst themselves, and are now broken into many different warbands; roving the galaxy collecting skulls for the throne of Khorne.

Prior to the Heresy, the Legions' colours were white armour with blue pauldrons and backpacks. Their emblem, always a world surrounded by teeth was placed on the right leg and shoulder. Since their corruption, the World Eaters wear the heraldry of Khorne: red, black, brass and bronze. Khorne's skull symbol frequently provides the teeth for the Legion's emblem.

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