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Coat d'Arms conversion chart

This page gives the names Games Workshop used for the paints before they changed to an alternate source. These paints (now known using the Coat d'Arms brand name) are the original Games Workshop colours: same manufacturer, same pots, same paint!

Note: The content of this page was originally found on the Gladiator Games website. Gladiator Games have since moved to the Coat d'Arms domain and no longer have a single central conversion chart. This page is provided as a convinience for gamers and no challenge to Gladiator Games/Coat d'Arms paints is intended. The mapping from old to new Games Workshop paint names is based on a list published and made publically available by by Games Workshop.

Also note that Hive World Terra is not responsible for the correctness of this list. All product codes, names and hyperlinks were correct at time of publication.

Coat d'Arms
Product Code
Coat d'Arms paint name Old GW paint name New GW paint name
101 White Skull White White Scar
102 Black Chaos Black Abaddon Black
103 Sun Yellow Sunburst Yellow Flash Gitz Yellow
104 Blood Red Blood Red Evil Sunz Scarlet
105 Flame Orange Fiery Orange Not available
106 Enchanted Silver Mithril Silver Runefang Steel
107 Bright Gold Shinning Gold Gehenna's Gold
108 Goblin Green Goblin Green Warboss Green
109 Chainmail Chainmail Ironbreaker
110 Royal Blue Regal Blue Kantor Blue
111 Dark Elf Green Dark Angel Green Caliban Green
112 Bone Bleached Bone Ushabti Bone
113 Magic Metal Tin Bitz Warplock Bronze
114 Wizard Blue Enchanted Blue Caledor Sky
115 Tanned Flesh Bronzed Flesh Not available
116 Barbarian Leather Snakebite Leather Balor Brown
117 High Elf Blue Lightning Bolt Blue Not available
118 Poison Purple Liche Purple Xereus Purple
119 Rat Brown Vermin Fur/Vermin Brown Skrag Brown
120 Hairy Brown Bestial Brown Mournfang Brown
121 Bogey Green Snot Green Warpstone Glow
122 Elven Grey Elf Grey Not available
123 Elven Flesh Elf Flesh Kislev Flesh
124 Dwarven Flesh Dwarf Flesh Ratskin
125 Putrid Green Rotting Flesh Nurgling Green
126 Festering Brown Bubonic Brown Zamesi Desert
127 Enchanted Blue Polished Blue Not available
128 Enchanted Green Glistening Green Not available
129 Vampire Red Crimson Gore/Red Gore Wazdakka Red
130 Bilious Brown Vomit Brown Tau Light Ochre
131 Brass Brazen Brass Not available
132 Aquamarine Hawk Turquoise Sotek Green
133 Ink wash - Flesh Flesh wash Not available
134 Ink wash - Green Orc flesh wash Not available
135 Ink wash - Blue Blue wash Not available
136 Ink wash - Brown Brown wash Not available
137 Ink wash - Chestnut Chestnut wash Not available
138 Ink wash - Red Red wash Not available
141 Grey Primer Smelly Primer Not available
142 Gun Metal Boltgun Metal Leadbelcher
143 Dwarven Bronze Dwarf Bronze Hashut Copper
144 Shocking Pink Tentacle Pink Not available
145 Ruby Red Ruby Red Not available
146 Dusky Yellow Bad Moon Yellow Not available
147 Burnt Orange Blazing Orange Troll Slayer Orange
148 Marine Blue Ultramarine Blue Altdorf Guard Blue
149 Angel Red Blood Angel Red Not available
150 Shadow Grey Shadow Grey Not available
151 Lupin Grey Space Wolves Grey Fenrisian Grey
152 Scorpion Green Scorpion Green Moot Green
153 Ink wash - Armour Armour wash Not available
154 Ink wash - Black Black wash Not available
155 Angel Green Dark Angel Green Caliban Green
156 Leprous Brown Leprous Brown Not available
157 Warlock Purple Warlock Purple Screamer Pink
158 Jade Green Jade Green Not available
159 Golden Yellow Golden Yellow Yriel Yellow
160 Amethyst Purple Amethyst Purple Not available
161 Deadly Nightshade Deadly Nightshade Not available
162 Nauseous Blue Nauseous Blue Not available
163 Beaten Copper Beaten Copper Not available
164 Emerald Green Emerald Green Not available
165 Hawk Turquoise Hawk Turquoise Not available
166 Fester Blue Festering Blue Not available
167 Hideous Blue Hideous Blue Not available