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1001 ways to confuse your opponent by IBBoard (5363 views)

A humorous article that is always worth a read!

Coat d'Arms conversion chart by IBBoard (39157 views)

A conversion chart for Coat d'Arms colour names to Games Workshop colour names. Coat d'Arms are the old supplier of Games Workshop paints (from the days of the 18ml round and hexagonal pots)

Games Workshop on a Budget by IBBoard (118780 views)

How to make your money stretch even further in the Games Workshop hobby.

Games Workshop on a Budget - Part 2 by IBBoard (5247 views)

A follow-up to the original "Games Workshop on a Budget" article, covering how to make your models stretch further.

Games Workshop's IP Rules for Army Creators by IBBoard (5662 views)

My interpretation of the rules Games Workshop places on army creation programs such as Rollcall and WarFoundry

Quick-painting tips by IBBoard (4483 views)

Some simple tips and tricks to help you paint models quickly while not looking rushed.