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Games Workshop on a Budget - Part 2

The original Games Workshop on a Budget article is still going strong, years after it was first put up. The focus there was mainly on getting models and equipment more cheaply. The following article focuses on making the models you do have go further.

This article is split into the following sections:

Alternative configurations

Richard Wilton suggested the use of rare-earth magnets to hold together larger models (especially tanks). By doing this and painting up all of the possible equipment combinations for the model then you can field any option, save space in your carry case and save on the expense of buying extra models.

The idea may also work with heavy weapons teams, if you can find small enough magnets or drill and insert pins in the correct positions.

Buying cleverly

Although the prices of boxed sets are going up, Games Workshop are including more and more swappable components in the boxes. Quite often these are exclusive alternatives - your unit can have one weapon or the other, but not both. However, Paper Lilybean has suggested that you might be able to get more than you bargained for if you pick your boxes carefully and really examine the components.

The one example we have of buying cleverly is the new Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon teams. The box is supposed to build three heavy weapons squads, but with a bit of ingenuity you can apparently make twice that number! A well-stocked bits box would probably be a boon when trying this out.

Alternative models

If you're looking for a model then why just stick to the official range? Why not look at alternatives from other ranges and even toys, if they match. Games Workshop use a lot of common themes and simple inspiration, most obviously in the Lizardmen monsters. As a simple example, something like a toy Triceratops could make a cheaper base for a scratch-built howdah that is crewed by spare skinks - something that would be unique on the battlefield.

This option can save you a lot of money and get a very personalised army. Unfortunately, you're almost certainly going to have to use it within your own gaming group as the tight rules that almost all Games Workshop stores and tournaments have won't allow them.

Thanks to Paper Lilybean for this suggestion.


So, if you're already using other techniques to buy your Warhammer and 40K models at a discount, there are still a few things you can do to make your gaming stretch even further.

Using alternative models and being selective in what you buy for maximum reuse were already mentioned in the previous article, but were reproduced here for completeness. Building models for reconfiguration increases flexibility without needing much extra space or expense.

Hopefully you've picked up some ideas on how to make the hobby a little more affordable. If you have any more ideas that you use, please contact me and share them with the community.