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Da 'Eadsmakas - Gorkamorka Gang

"Da 'Eadsmakas began afta da 'Ulk crashed." began Grimgul, the boss "and dere woz all sortz of stuff wantin me blood. Den I found da Spanas, dey built da fort yooz seez now. If if wernt for dem, yooz yoofs woodn't have a 'ome. Dis is da best dere iz. Wat else wood a good Ork want. Derez da veehicles, da boyz, da fortz great and da uver boss' fink dey can beat me, so derez alwayz a good fight."
"Boss, wat bout da gunz?"
"Oh yeh, da gunz is ded loud n'all, dats da best part. Da loud engine and da DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA of da gun. Its nuff to make an Ork happy."

My Gorka gang has only had one outing.  I have my gang stored on both Roster sheets in the Emporium/Downloads section. I have a written copy on the roster sheet and an Excel copy.

The Gang

This is my gang and their weapons

Ganger Weapons/ Equipment Notes

Grimgul Edsmaka

Slugga, Shoota, Choppa, Studded Armour, Frags Boss


Knife Spanner, Driver of Gofftrukk


Knife Spanner, Driver of Krumptrak


Slugga, knuckles Boy, gunner of Krumptrak


Slugga, knife Boy


Kannon, knife Boy


Six shoota, knife Yoof


Six shoota, knuckles Yoof

And the vehicles

Vehicle Type Driver Weapons/Upgrades Gunner


Trukk Snagmek None  


Trak Uzmek Twin Shootas Gorfang

My gang rating is currently 134. The gang is 104 points and they have 301 points of experience. There is also a stash of 3 teef, not large, but its a start.


There isn't much to my tactics. If the scrap is won by the winning gang, then I ignore the scrap and go for the gang. Its the Orky thing to do. Why wander around wasting time collecting scrap when you could be bashing heads or hearing the Dakka Dakka of your gun.

If this tactic won't work, e.g. theres no scrap unless you pick it up, I send the boss out in the Trukk with a bodyguard including all but one yoof. The yoof and Krumptrak then go off looking for scrap. If they struggle, they have twin shootas and a six shoota. Its not much, but they aren't designed to fight.

If the battle is the get away with a moving road, I pile everyone into the trukk, let it escape and leave Uzmek, Gorfang and Krumptrak to fend for themselves. This may soung cruel, but "Da gang must go on". Its better to loose 2 guys than loose your whole gang trying to help them.

The Future

In the future I will go to Mektown and upgrade some stuff. The boss' guns are first, followed by making the trak faster and then making the trukk heavier. The yoofs could do with better weapons, as could the drivers, but as of yet the yoofs aren't good enough and there are more important things than drivers.


"Da next fing is to go an get da uver gang again. Weez already shown em ooz boss once, we do it again and dey'll be sure dat weez da best."
"Boss, deres a storm over dere, maybe we should get in" yelled a yoof.
"Uzmek, what is it?"
"Its, Its, its da uver gang Boss, dey rekon deyz better 'n uz, an dey wanna pruve it."
"Quick den ladz, dis is gonna be fun!"