Hive World Terra

Hive World Terra browser compatibility: Why have standards compliance?

Hive World Terra doesn't support some browsers and not others, instead it works in a way that is designed to allow everyone to view and access the pages. Need to use a text browser such as Lynx or a PDA? not a problem, the design should degrade gracefully to simple text.

Unfortunately, although standards either degrade well or are rendered spotlessly in good programs, some notable exceptions make a real mess of their attempts. To stop semi-compliant browsers rendering a complete mess, they are also provided with the 'Safe Mode' text version of the website.

If you are viewing this website in 'safe mode' and want to view it as it is intended then please download and install a standards compliant browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera (or if you are using a Mac, try Camino). If you are a windows user and really want to stick with IE for whatever reason, please download the latest version (or at least IE5).