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Nimblefoots Treasure Hunters

Nimblefoot Hufnall, Halfling Thief

Nimlefoot Hufnall left his home in the Moot at a very young age to travel to the Empire to see the sights and smell the smells of the bustling life in the cities such as Altdorf and Nuln. It had nothing to do with the fact he had heard that noble pockets were lined with gold. After finding out about the gold to be gained by adventuring in the dungeons from one of his fellow halflings, he soon had a band of warriors gathered together to find the gold and treasure.

Org 'K' Borg, Ogre Warrior

Ogres cannot resist a good fight and Org is no exception. When he found out that there was a group of warriors adventuring down the dungeons to vanquish the evil hordes (not the exact words used to explain it to him) he was all for it and Nimblefoot was also quite happy to be backed up by a hefty ogre if the watch came knocking on his door.

Chee Hin of Cathat, Assassin

Chee Hin is a skilled assassin from the guilds in the far and mystic lands of Cathy. Trained in the ancient arts, both he and his brother, Phoo Hin, were entered into the assassins guild by their father Zo Hin, a rich merchant who trades across the old and new world. His brother was the fist to venture to the lands of the Empire to apply his skills. A few years later the sad news reached the Hin family that Phoo Hin had been slain by a band of Dark Elf assassins hiding out in the old world and selling their trade to the evil creatures in the worlds edge mountains. Chee Hin came to the old world to find the assassins and avenge his brothers death.

Kiranov of Kislev, Wolf Shaman

Kiranov led a quite life as the shaman of an out of the way tribe in the wastes of Kislev. He was rarely bothered by any troubles, most of his aid to the tribe included finding herds of beasts or scources of water.

One day all this ended as a band of orcs came from the Eastern mountains and massacred the entire tribe while Kiranov was on a pilgrimmage into the icy wastes.

Kiranov was the latest member of Nimblefoot's Treasure Hunters as he joined during a quest in Kislev where they found him suffering from severe frostbite. Taking him back to the nearest village where he was treated as best as their own shaman could manage he has repayed them by joinig them on their quests.


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