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Waaagh! Grimjaw - Individual Conversions

This page contains all of my 'individual conversions' (e.g. Characters and vehicles). I have also converted some normal Troops. So far I have 16 converted Ork models. One Squig Handler, one Big Mek, one Stormboys Nob, one Looted Whirlwind, one Trakk, two Trukks, one Killer Kan, three Big Shoota Boyz, five Bikers, one Burna Boy (who is soon to be put out of service) plus most of my Slugga Boyz are individualised. My Brother collects Fantasy Orcs and so if it says Orc in the parts list, it means Orc, if it says Ork it means Ork.

Codes for mail order have been added where known and available. Plastic parts have the sprue code. Items such as Glyph Plates and extra guns for the crew have generally been left off the parts lists, as they are simply added detail, and not important conversion parts.


Big Mek

The Big Mek with Super Stikkbomb requires the following parts:

1 x Ork Body (Preferably with plates front and back) (99380103001 for all Ork bits)
1 x Ork Legs
1 x Ork Left Arm with Slugga
1 x Orc Helmeted head (the one with the small nose piece on the helmet and one long fang) (99380209002 for all Orc parts)
1 x Orc Spiked Club

  1. Put together the Ork body, legs and left arm as usual.
  2. Attach the head.
  3. Clip the spikes off the club.
  4. Shave bits off the club to make it look like it is beaten into shape crudely.
  5. Score two lines down the club, opposite each other. These make it look like it is made from 2 pieces of metal.
  6. Glue the club arm on as if he is waving it above his head.

The Big Mek is great when accompanied by a Stikkbommerz or Tankbustas bodyguard. He can shred tanks better than anyone else. Watch out for him blowing himself up though!

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Stormboyz Nob

The Stormboyz Nob requires the following parts:

1 x Ork Legs (99380103001 for all Ork Boyz bits)
1 x Ork Stormboyz Torso (9947010307604)
1 x Ork Rokkit Pack 2 (9947010307603)
1 x Ork Left Arm with Slugga
1 x Orc Spikey Club (99380209002 for all Orc parts)
1 x Orc head with short hair split into 3
Greenstuff (Modelling Putty)

  1. Make up the rest of your squad with the metal and plastic helmeted heads, leaving parts for the Nob.
  2. Start by putting togethter the Legs, Body and Left Arm of the Nob.
  3. Add an extra Greenstuff Fin to the Rocket in the center, so the Ork is at 6 o'clock and their are fins at 12, 3 and 9 o'clock.
  4. Put the Orc head on.
  5. Glue the Spikey club on so that it is across his body.

The Idea of this Nob is that he looks hard. All of "da Boyz" are wearing helmets while the Nob has his hair waving and has a large nasty looking club. The third fin also helps him stand out.

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Looted Whirlwind

The Looted Whirlwind requires the following parts:

1 x Whirlwind Kit (99140101053)
1 x Beastmen Chariot Side 2 or 3 (9947020106708 or 9947020106709)
Warhammer Whirlwind Shield
Cocktail Sticks
Extra Bits

  1. Build the Whirlwind as a Rhino, but don't cover the round top hatches.
  2. Remove the Supports from the Whirlwind Missiles.
  3. Glue the Whirlwind Rockets over the round front hatches.
  4. Glue the Ram on the front of the Rhino, and add Cocktail Sticks as Orky strengthening.
  5. Glue the Warhammer Whirlwind Shield over the front of the Tank, just above the Ram.
  6. Cut the Banner Pole off the Beastman Chariot side.
  7. Add a Heroquest candle stick plug or other appropriate item of plastic to the bottom of the Banner.
  8. Add Heads etc of your favourite enemies to the Totem Pole.
  9. Drill a hole in the Roof Hatch for the Totem Pole to go in.
  10. Add Battle Damage and extra Details to the Tank

This conversion came around because I got a Whirlwind in a large box of other stuff at a Car Boot Sale. My brother collects Marines, but the Whirlwind had been owned by a maniac. The Rocket Supports were mangled and had been put in the Side Doors, so the rockets were like sponsons. I took it because it could look Orky. I had to replace the side doors after they were hacked up, so I simply put a round 25mm base in the hole.

The Warhammer Whirlwind is a wierd old Chaos Dwarf war machine. It was a frame on wheels pushed by a Bull Centaur. The axle had a cog on it which turned 3 large blades and 3 maces. The Shield was an Orky looking thing which was put between the Bull Centaur and the whirling blades (probably to protect him from low body flying pieces).

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The Trak requires the following parts:

1 x Ork Trakk kit (60120103001)
1 x Speargun Mount (040301508)
1x Space Marine Knife (from the old Back Pack Sprue)

  1. Build the Truk as per usual, except the gun support.
  2. Clip the peg off the bottom of the Speargun Mount.
  3. Fill the hole in the Trakk body with Greenstuff.
  4. Drill a hole in the Greenstuff and the bottom of the Speargun Mount.
  5. Glue the wire in the bottom of the Speargun Mount.
  6. Glue the Twin-Linked Shootas to the top of the Speargun Mount.
  7. Replace the gun support with the Speargun Mount.
  8. Add damage to the Trakk bodywork.
  9. Build the driver and gunner
  10. Take the Drivers Right Arm and cut it just before the glove.
  11. Twist the glove 90 degrees so it points up.
  12. Reglue the Glove to the Arm.
  13. Glue the knife in the drivers hand.

This just individualises my Trakk because it was from Gorka. The Driver also looks more dangerous waving a knife.

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Trukk 1

The First Trukk Conversion requires the following parts:

1 x Trukk Kit (601120103002)
1 x Orc Shield Boss (from 99360299004)
2 x More Large Wheels (99399999033)
Thin Card (The model box is ideal)

  1. Put together the trukk as normal, but put Large Wheels front and back (This may involve raising the cab framework slightly, but the Polystyrene cement helps fill the gaps)
  2. Glue the Shield Boss between the Driver and Gunner on the plate behind them.
  3. Cut some card to fit across the back of the rear compartment. Add extra card to look like a framework similar to the side. This should look like a rear door to the compartment in a similar fashion to those found on small Earth trucks.
  4. Add battle damage to the vehicle.

My Trukk uses the Orc Shield Boss that looks abit like a skull. This is to fit in with my Waaagh! Grimjaw army. The rear plate is to keep the boyz in and to look different. The wheels also add individuality.

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Trukk 2

The second Trukk Conversion requires the following parts:

1 x Trukk Kit (601120103002)
1 x Speargun (040301502)
1 x Speargun Gang Plank (040301504)
1 x Speargun Winch (040301509)
1 x Speargun Front Plate (040301501)
1 x Ork Biker Upper Body (040302001)
2 x Ork Biker Backpacks (040302004)
1 x Ork Biker Icon (040302005)

  1. Make the Trukk as per usual except for the front plate, weapon and crew.
  2. Glue the Speargun Front Plate onto the Trukk
  3. For the driver use the Biker body.
  4. Make up the Gang Plank as per usual and add it to the rear comparment.
  5. Drill a hole down into the bit behind the Driver to put the banner in.
  6. Place the Backpacks on the sides of the crew cabin, next to the driver and the gunner.
  7. File the Speargun Spears down so that they look like Rokkits.
  8. Put a blob of Greenstuff in front of the gunner, on the frame and behind the Front Plate.
  9. Push the convertred Speargun into it and leave to dry.
  10. Glue the Greenstuff to the frame and the Speargun
  11. Battle damage the Trukk

This Wrukk is the Trukk I use for my Warboss. I bought it cheap and didn't have Gorkamorka at the time. so Spear Guns were useless. I didn't want two bikers the same, so I used one body in the Trukk. The Backpacks were decoration but are now Stikkbomb Chukkas.

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Killer Kan

The Killer Kan requires the following parts:

1 x Complete Killer Kan (99060103084)
1 x Mordheim Fur Cloak (from the plastic Mercenaries sprue - no code available)

  1. Build the Killer Kan, but leave the banner pole alone.
  2. Glue the Fur Cloak to the back of the Banner Pole (TIP: Glue the round bits on the edge behind the teeth)
  3. Drill a hole in the top of the Killer Kans Power Plant and the Bottom of the Banner Pole
  4. Glue wire into the Banner Pole and then glue the Banner Pole onto the Power Plant.

The Killer Kan came with a banner, but I could only find one place for it to go, on top of the Power Plant. It looked too small on its own, so I decided to turn it into the Starts of a Totem Pole.