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Dark Angels

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Dark Angels: The Dark Angels are a discreet and mysterious chapter. Calling themselves "The Unforgiven", for reasons unknown to anyone outside those carrying the gene-seed, they wish to seek absolution for a crime that only they know. No record of their actions can be found during the Horus Heresy, although rumours of their actions do persist.

The structure of the Dark Angels chapter is slightly different to others. Although they still have a veteran 'First Company', this is the highly revered Deathwing Company armoured in cream and bone. The Ravenwing company replaces the chapter's scouts with a black-armoured highly mobile company of bike and Land Speeder experts. Able to jink and dodge shots with expert precision, the Ravenwing's skills with light vehicles are renowned throughout the Imperium.

Primarch: Lion El' Johnson

Homeworld: Caliban (now destroyed)

Chapter Badge: A winged sword, usually in white or red. The Ravenwing and Deathwing both have their own variations on the chapter badge. The Ravenwing use a single winged claw clutching a sword while the Deathwing use the Dark Angels badge, but with a broken sword.

Full Chapter symbol: A fully rendered winded sword on a green marble disc ennscribed with writing and skulls.

Chapter Colours: Dark green armour with some brothers also wearing cream robes, sometimes hooded.
The Ravenwing wear black armour and very rarely wear robes due to the fact that they are mainly bike mounted.
The Deathwing wear cream and bone coloured armour, usually with green and red detailing.

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