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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Olympia: The former homeworld of the Iron Warriors Space Marine Legion. Pre-Heresy records indicate that it was a mountainous and rugged world, divided into numerous warring city-states. One of the more powerful of these principalities was that of Lochos, which was located atop the heights of a range of sheer cliffs. Here the Tyrant Dammekos presided, and it was he who discovered and adopted the infant Perturabo when the Primarch appeared on Olympia.

Olympia under the Iron Warriors had their signature fortifications constructed all over its surface. During the Great Crusade, Perturabo granted lordship in his absence to Dammekos, upon whose death the planet rose in rebellion. Perturabo and his Legion returned and wrought terrible vengeance on the rebels, destroying the fortresses they had built with the ease of the architect bringing down his own creation. Five million of the planet's population perished as the Legion gave no quarter.

After the Heresy, the Iron Warriors garrison on Olympia withstood Imperial forces for a two year siege that ended when the garrison detonated their own arsenal - creating a vast and barren wasteland which has been quarantined by the Inquisition. All record of Olympia has been expunged from Imperial history.

Real-world reference: The description of Olympia, together with its name, is suggestive of 4th Century Hellenic Greece - its city states analogous to Sparta, Thebes and Athens at the time.

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