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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Ursun: The ancient Godspar of Kislev held the bear as a sacred creature and believed Ursun to be the Father of Bears. His usual depiction includes a crown, teeth and claws all madde of gold. He is also said to be able to take the form of a bearded and hairy man.

Symbol: Followers use a depicion of a bear, a bear's face or a bear's claw made of gold and worn as a medalion. Devout followers will also wear bear skin cloaks of bears they have personally slain.

Worship: Ursun does not have temples as such, but cairns, standing stones and old caves are often used as places of worship, while areas of parkland are left wild and sacred.
There are two holy days dedicated to Usrun, the Spring Equinox to awaken him from his slumber and the Autmn Equinox to allow him to gorge on the harvest.

Friends and Enemies: None, although a competitive animosity exists towards worshippers of Ulric. The worship of all nature by followers of Taal is sometimes looked down upon as unusually, although the two religions share many practices.

Source: Warhammer Armies: Kislev, 6th Edition by various

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