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By Guest on 27/03/2006 (Rating: 3):
Perhaps you could write a program to write the .adf files. A nice GUI that helps the author to make the files up in the right format. I am going to try to do the Bretonnian Army but I would find it easier if I had a GUI. Also can you put some pictures up to show the program in action and what an output looks like? Or maybe even have that as part of the program, a print preview.

Reply from IBBoard: Thanks for the suggestions - some screenshots will be added soon and development of a GUI is now underway. You can keep track of it in the Rollcall updates: new features and file-maker GUI underway thread on our forums.

As for Print Preview, it may be added in a later version, but the roster is a very basic table layout and the Set Print Order controls the print order, so it isn't generally needed.