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Godwyn Fischig

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Godwyn Fischig: A one-time Arbite on Hubris turned member of Inquisitor Eisenhorn's retinue. He joined the Inquisitor on an initial mission based around events on Hubris before taking a permanent position to perform the Emperor's work elsewhere in the galaxy.

When they first met, Eisenhorn guaranteed Fischig of his puritanical mindset. After the initial mission, he made Fischig sear to keep him on the straight and narrow. By the end of the Tracian incident, and while hunting Pontius Glaw, Fischig learnt of the Inquisitor's recent actions and left. He later returned with a retinue from the Sector Grand Master under the guise of reconsidering his decision.

For all of his final attempts to 'redeem' Eisenhorn's soul in the eyes of the Emperor, Fischig suffered an ignominious and ironic fate. As he tried to kill Eisenhorn, Medea Benticore shot him twice with a needle pistol before Eisenhorn proceeded to use his body to bind the now free daemon, Cheraubel.

Source: Xenos by Dan Abnett, Malleus by Dan Abnett, Hereticus by Dan Abnett, Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett

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